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Founded in 2000 by Ajman Holding, GP Shipping is a major private shipping company for Crude oil and refined petroleum products. It is a subsidiary of Gulf Petroleum Group.

Trading in petroleum products needs expertise and a proper fleet & mobility to be efficient. To ensure the same, we maintain a fleet of vessels in addition to a number of chartered tankers. With the recent surge in business, we are planning to expand our fleet capacities considerably.

Our management team includes a diverse collection of international professionals whose backgrounds and expertise were carefully selected to add unparalleled synergy and experience to our shipping activities. A blend of unique backgrounds, together with a constant focus on internal improvement ensures our prompt delivery of products to our clients. We use up to date systems and routines satisfying all requirements together with ensuring safe operation of vessels including Safety Management System

Founded in 2000 by Ajman Holding, Gulf Bunkering is a major storage facilities company for Crude oil and refined petroleum products. It is a subsidiary of Gulf Petroleum Group.

Trading in petroleum products also needs a proper framework for storage. At present we own large storage facilities in the Gulf region. With the recent surge in business, we are planning to expand our storage facilities considerably.

We have completed many Tank Farm Projects, Pipelines, & Port/Terminal handling facilities which gives us confidence to take up any Project of any scale or size. We have effective and reliable solution for long term hassle-free operations.

Founded in 2015 by Ajman Holding, Topaaz is a major private Sourcing and Trading Company for Gold Bullion as well as precious stones and gems. It is a subsidiary of Gulf Petroleum Group.

Our Company is sourcing Gold Bullion, precious stones & gems from all over the world and trading worldwide, strictly complying with the global AML laws, and operating under LBMA Responsible Gold Guidance, World Gold Council ‘conflict-free gold standard’ as well as abiding by the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The Gold Bullion traded by us are produced by LBMA approved refineries, carrying International hallmarks less than 5 years old and stored/held in Bank Vaults and/or LBMA recognised International Security Houses around the world. We are one of the very few companies in the world who trade in physical Gold Bullion.

To facilitate smooth trading of Gold Bullion globally, we are expanding our financial relationships with major regional & global banks.

Founded in 2015 by Ajman Holding, , Gulf Commerce is a major private Commodity Trading company for various other commodities including but not limited to Agricultural Products, etc. It is a subsidiary of Gulf Petroleum Group.

Trading is in the soul of our group’s operations. Our group was built upon the successful trading of oil and crude products, which enabled us to invest in talent and expertise in new areas to steadily diversify into a fully integrated company.

Today, we are having relationships around the world with major players in a broad range of commodities including Agricultural products, etc.

Aspiring to be a reliable and strategic supplier of various commodities, we work with renowned international trading companies to take possession of the cargo while we commit to our client. The trade ethics and values inculcated into our system have provided trust in our clients to sign with us for long term purchase contracts. Quality products and timely deliveries are our forte.

Gulf Petroleum Group

We are strategically based both in Ajman and Sharjah, owned by Ajman Holding chaired by His Highness Sheikh A. Al Nuaimi, is an Energy Holding Enterprise dedicated to valuing the environment, operating safely and safeguarding high standards of social responsibility throughout the Group’s worldwide operations, which through an array of subsidiaries, affiliates, associates and international joint ventures covers almost every aspect of the oil and gas industry, from production, and refining to marketing, trading and shipping in another words, almost the entire energy industry embracing oil and gas chain, on which the modern world depends.As the volume of trade and commerce has increased in the region so has the demand for energy. Hence our efforts focus on bridging this gap with our refined petroleum products, that at present include gas oil, fuel oil, naphtha, asphalt, base oil just to name a few, and various petrochemical related products. We are active in the fields of Crude Oil acquisition, refining, blending, producing and product trading. As we continue to move forward, we are expanding our product portfolio to cater to the diverse needs of our local and international clients.The Group, in strong belief that there can be no development without energy, and the world’s energy needs are constantly growing, since its establishment two decades ago, to operate in practically all areas of the oil and gas industry, has made significant progress in meeting its overall objectives and predicates in an increasingly far-reaching range of corporate ventures by steadily intensifying its activities in launching subsidiaries and affiliate companies, expanding and forging its relationship with key ally partners, joint ventures and associates in creating an integrated oil and gas group in the fields of crude production services, support services, oil refining and gas processing, world wide trade and distribution of crude, refined products, chemicals and petrochemicals, and maritime and helicopter transportation. And consequently takes considerable pride in its role of serving supply the world’s energy “a fundamental structure block of development”. And endeavour to actualize the group’s vision of becoming an “internationally competitive energy group and one of the region’s leading oil companies”.Devoted for the distinction, and for long realizing that, it’s success is built on practical expertise, professional insight, strong partnerships and proven ability to deliver lasting results, Gulf Petroleum Group teamed with distinguished and reputed energy companies globally, having technical expertise in Upstream and Downstream Projects, Infrastructural Development, Drilling, Offshore and Onshore Rigs, Pipelines, Refining, Storage Facilities, Port Handling Facilities, Logistics (both sea and air services), Refinery Construction and distribution of Refined Products,
is built on a strong platform of knowledgeably skilled and enthusiastically committed subsidiaries, affiliates and associates and is fully capable in Energy Construction Project Implementation, Portfolio Development, Supply Chain and EPC, EPCC, EPIC, EPCM, EPCF, LSTK infrastructure Projects.

Gulf Petroleum Group also invests in the execution of any Turnkey projects against the sovereign guarantees and products off-take arrangement with the governments.

Just to name a few, Gulf Petroleum Group subsidiaries include, Gulf Shipping, Gulf Bunkering, Gulf Energy, Gulf Global, Gulf Commodity, Gulf Commerce, Gulf Engineering Construction, Gulf Project Management, and so on.

As an EPCF contractor, we accept to work together in aspects beyond a contract meeting special needs of the client including: We are fully capable in delivering with firm’s commitments.