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Since our people are central to the delivery of our strategy, so we strongly believe that successful delivery of Gulf Petroleum Group strategy has to be diligently pursued through a well-planned human resources (HR) strategy. We also believe that reasonable returns for our stakeholders are best attained through a values-based performance philosophy, strict ethical requirements and a code of conduct, which encourages personal integrity. Therefore the strength of our corporate is outlined by the quality of our people, in fact the better our people, the better we are.

Hence we endeavour to offer a work environment that entices, improves and retains the best talent, encourages a values-driven, high-efficiency culture, encourages diversity and renovation, and nurtures sound employee relations. Consequently since, the way we work is as significant as the objectives we achieve and a diverse workforce and a comprehensive work atmosphere are essential to our success, leading to grander innovation and improved solutions. At Gulf Petroleum Group, every day we work to deliver an atmosphere where all personnel that are skilled, knowledgeable, caring, and always eager to help feel respected and involved, able to cultivate their talent as individuals, a varied and comprehensive workplace, embedded in our principles of decency, veracity, and respect, that brings together outstanding people and allows them to be themselves. Where our staff will be able to apply and improve their proficiency and knowledge as part of a concerted team that is helping to innovate and play a part in making a better energy future.

At Gulf Petroleum Group, knowing that, the diversity of ideas, perspectives, skills, knowledge and cultures across our company facilitates innovation and is a key competitive advantage, we encourage innovation that develops processes and results, intentionally invest in our assets worldwide, and invest in our employees to make sure they have every chance to develop proficiently and excel, as we very well know, it is just impossible to attain excellence in financial results, productivity, and technology without appreciating people. Setting great criterions of integrity, honesty, and fairness for everyone who works at GPG, as we promote a culture of openness and respect, where you’ll be valued for your ideas as well as your expertise and will be rewarded for top performance and ingenuity.

Further more as an integrated Energy Group we learn from and regard the cultures in which we work and desire our workforce to represent the societies in which we operate. So Respect for human and ethnic diversity and non-discrimination are our essential principles and we guarantee the right to difference, ensuring each worker, irrespective of their characteristics, full conditions to improve their ability and potential. We value and express respect for the uniqueness of individuals and the diverse viewpoints and talents they offer and work to entice, inspire, develop and retain the best talent from societies across the globe, to enable us to be resourceful, competitive and thrive in our environment, as we deliver safe and reliable energy the world needs now and in the future. At Gulf Petroleum Group, believing that our people energy is the source of our success, we aim to provide a supportive and collaborative work environment where people embrace the team concept and celebrate each other’s success and friendship..