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We take ownership of our behaviour and responsibility to perform both individually and in teams.


We foresee change and react with creative solutions. We are nimble and responsive to the changing needs of stakeholders and embrace learning opportunities from our experience around the world. We promote innovation that improves processes and results.

Safety and Responsibility

Safety is a top priority, we are committed to zero harm and all that we do, we do safely, we believe our work is never so important that we cannot take the time to do it safely. Safety, environmental and social responsibilities are at the heart of our activities, in fact by understanding our risk landscape and managing our activities in a way that eradicates incidents, we minimise risk and promotes excellence in the performance of our operations.


At Gulf Petroleum Group we have the privilege and responsibility to work together as one team to achieve the company's mission and objectives, therefore We create a caring, engaged and enabled work environment that recognises both individual and team contributions in pursuit of high performance.